Long Island Frigidaire Central Air Conditioning Repair


Nassau County Long Island Maytag Central air conditioning repair and sales, action repair serviceFrigidaire's heating and air cooling systems are built to comfort your home with the performance, quality and reliability that you expect from Frigidaire.

Action Repair Service, Inc., as expert HVAC contractors and Long Island Frigidaire central air conditioning repair experts, specialize in the maintenance and repair of central air conditioning systems. Maintenance of your central air conditioning system is crucial, espcially before the heat of the summer. We will repair your Frigidaire central air conditioning system should any problems arise. We understand the need for comfort in the home, especially for those with health issues. We guarantee all work done on your Long Island Frigidaire central air conditioning system.

We sell and install Frigidaire central air conditioning systems.

We have 24 hour emergency services.

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