Long Island Garland Fryer Repair

Long Island Garland Fryer repair specialists of Action Repair Service have, for many years, served its Long Island owners of Garland fryers in a professional and courteous manner. We also sell the top quality Garland fryers.

Restaurants as well as other commercial kitchens depend on their fryers. Proper control of the heating of the oil will make sure foods won't be served soggy, or burned. You will know if your fryer needs servicing/repairs, for example, is if the pilot light does not stay lit, or it stays lit but the fryer still doesn't work. This may require major repairs, or basic replacement of certain components. Though some things may seem easy, we do not recommend you changing the parts yourself, as obtaining the wrong part or improper fitting will cause injury to you, or disaster when the fryer is turned on, such as fire. Some known parts which need replacement on fryers are, to list a few: the combination safety valve dial, gas pilot orifice, spark ignitor, thermostat dial, hi-limit wireleads, pilot burner, gas pressure regulator kit, fryer thermostats.

Some Garland fryer models Action Repair Service has sold or serviced include the Garland 36E Series-Electric Heavy Duty Fryer, Garland ED Series Electric Fryers, Garland Gas Designer Series-Counter Fryer, Garland Master Series Gas Fryer Model MFMA17ES.

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Master Series Gas Fryers