Long Island Garland Grill Repair


When you are looking to buy or repair a Garland grill, the Long Island Garland grill repair specialists, Action Repair Service, are the ones you should call for they have, for many years, sold, serviced, and repaired Garland Grills for our Long Island customers.

Grills have made cooking a snap for many restaurants and other commercial kitchens, such as diners and fast food establishments. Ease in cooking comes into play when you have a griddle on one side, and grill on the other. Or double sided as you can grill top and bottom of your food at the same time. Your options are many with a Garland grill, or Garland griddle, and so are the options when something becomes amiss.

Let's say you notice the griddle hot plate won't light pilot, the burners won't work properly, you notice gas smell, or element sparking. Whether the grill repair requires extensive work or just replacement of parts, we recommend you do not try this on your own. Some of the common situations which arise with grills are the need to replace any of the following components: burner valve stem extension, straight pilot valve, pilot adjustment valve, gas burner valve, main power switch, griddle burner with air shutter, ignition control module, to name just a few.

The types of Garland grills we sell and/or repaired include char-broilers, countertops, and double-sided. A small listing of models were have sold or serviced include the Garland Heavy Duty Gas Griddles, Garland E24 Series Electric Griddles, Garland E24 Series Electric Hot Plate, Garland Master Series Electric Xpress Grill XE24, Garland Master Series Gas Xpress Grill XG24, to list a few.

Call Action Repair Service today at 516-223-1990 for information on sales, maintenance and repair of Garland grills.

Garland Gradiant Char Broiler



Garland Gradiant Char-Broiler