Long Island Garland Oven Repair

When you are looking to buy or repair a Garland Oven, the Long Island Garland oven repair specialists, Action Repair Service, are the ones you should call for they have, for many years, sold, serviced, and repaired Garland ovens for our Long Island customers.

A scenario: the oven smells like gas; pilot on oven won't stay lit, it doesn't reach set temperature, burner head is clogged, the oven gets too hot, the oven doesn't cook evenly; we know of the horrors of oven problems and the stress it can cause us. Now imagine a restaurant or other commercial establishment having oven problems, especially during peak service hours? Since many restaurants and other food service groups use Garland ovens, they want to make sure it works and works correctly.

The types of Garland ovens we sell and/or repair include accelerated cooking ovens, counter top ovens, deck/pizza ovens, baking and roasting ovens, and convection ovens. A small listing of models were have sold or serviced include the Garland Air Deck Gas Pizza Oven G56, Garland Master Series Electric Half Size Convection Oven MCO-E-5-C, Garland CPO Series Electric Counter Pizza Oven, Garland G2000 Series Gas Bake Roast Oven Combination, Garland Master Series Gas Range M1-2R, Garland Master Series Full Size Convection Ovens (MCO), Garland G2000 Series Gas Ovens Hearth Deck, Garland G2000 Series Gas Steel Deck Roast Oven, to list a few.

Call Action Repair Service today at 516-223-1990 for information on sales, maintenance and repair of Garland ovens.


Master Series Electric Full-Size
Convection Oven (MCO)